TakingITGlobal (TIG) … A Personal Experience

TakingITGlobal (TIG) … A Personal Experience

Hello everyone.

Voluntary work is a very essential aspect of civilized nations. Through voluntary work societies will develop and more objectives will be achieved. I started my article with these sentences because the organization I am talking about today is all about Volunteering.

One day, I was making a small research on Nabulsi family and trying to find useful information. To be honest I can’t exactly remember how I ended up looking at Nabulsi members in this website http://www.tigweb.org/. I read about it and then my story with TakingITGlobal started.

TakingITGlobal has an interesting vision that made me considering working with them. In simple words, they try to make education accessible by everyone especially young people. The very first basic idea, as the name suggests, they were trying to take the IT globally to the whole world no matter how poor or far you are. The vision then expanded to take all different knowledge fields under its wing. It is a non-profitable organization and anyone can join and work with them. The work goes beyond just being online. TIG has a lot of volunteers all over the world who are working very hard and patiently to achieve the peaceful goal of TIG. There are teachers, programmers, designers, translators, trainers, and many other types of professionals.

My work with TIG so far is only concerned with Arabic-English and English-Arabic translation. I signed up with them after I read about the vision and achievements in the website. They have a well organized structure that’s meant to only make things work in the right way not to complicate life. I read that if you like to join, you are to send an email to the volunteer coordinator assigned for your area. Mine at that time was Mrs. Tala Nabulsi (Interesting that we have the same last name), so I sent her an email expressing my intentions to be a volunteer with TIG. She was very kind and welcoming and redirected me to the regional coordinator Mr. Maged Hassan. We had a nice chat over Skype that he explained to me translators’ roles and tasks and what they are expected to do. Maged, and all TIG members in general, was very nice and friendly and he let me choose what I prefer to do after explaining what TIG needs at that moment. I had a great honor working wish such an educated open minded friend. Following that online meeting, work was well organized with emails every month including the tasks and expected contribution to the organization. I have been translating for 3 years now more or less. I am still working with TIG, and my translated articles vary between IT, health, public awareness, cultures, and many other topics.

I advise every passionate educated person to participate and take an action for the greater good. We all want to make the world in general and our communities in specific a better place. One easy and efficient step is to join and work with TIG. As I said, what attracted me to TIG was the potential behind the main goal.

Save few minutes of your day, check http://www.tigweb.org/ and who knows, maybe you will like it and join our volunteering friendly committee. They have many interesting projects and events, not only translation. It’s a pool of great chances for us to do something good. TIG brought hope to many people around the globe. Join now and help in changing someone’s life.

For more information about the mission, vision, why to join, and other details:



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