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Month: April 2011

Stop the freaking blame!!

Stop the freaking blame!!

Dear Mr. Blamer

Haven’t you had enough already? I mean come on, why do you keep on blaming everything that’s around you? (yes even the small little ant)

Here’s my problem with a person who blames a lot: You are annoying :@

We all do stupid things, and people should point out problems for each other because that’s the way we learn, but having too much blame in the air is not healthy for anyone.

Has any of this happened to you?

Phone call >> “Hi man, why haven’t you called? why haven’t we seen you for a while? Why didn’t you do this, why didn’t you do that .. why why why” … oh I forgot to mention, I am the one who called.

A meeting with a friend >> “Dude, it’s been so long, why did you ditch us? what happened to our friendship? you forgot us”… is there anyway you can reply to that?

A normal day at work >> “I told you bro, you should have done this, you didn’t listen, why didn’t you listen? you remember also that time when you didn’t listen to what I said, and that other time, and the previous time and the stone age time ” … that’s how you kill productivity.

Again, pointing out mistakes and dealing with them is an essential thing, and no one should be bothered with that. The problem is when blaming becomes a habit and when people try to hunt each other’s mistakes.

So please, stop the useless meaningless destructive blame, and focus on the constructive helpful critiques.

Oh, and if this happened to you, you get a bonus

“Why haven’t you communicated with me on facebook?!!” .. “umm, because I see you everyday :S ”

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