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Stop the freaking blame!!

Stop the freaking blame!!

Dear Mr. Blamer

Haven’t you had enough already? I mean come on, why do you keep on blaming everything that’s around you? (yes even the small little ant)

Here’s my problem with a person who blames a lot: You are annoying :@

We all do stupid things, and people should point out problems for each other because that’s the way we learn, but having too much blame in the air is not healthy for anyone.

Has any of this happened to you?

Phone call >> “Hi man, why haven’t you called? why haven’t we seen you for a while? Why didn’t you do this, why didn’t you do that .. why why why” … oh I forgot to mention, I am the one who called.

A meeting with a friend >> “Dude, it’s been so long, why did you ditch us? what happened to our friendship? you forgot us”… is there anyway you can reply to that?

A normal day at work >> “I told you bro, you should have done this, you didn’t listen, why didn’t you listen? you remember also that time when you didn’t listen to what I said, and that other time, and the previous time and the stone age time ” … that’s how you kill productivity.

Again, pointing out mistakes and dealing with them is an essential thing, and no one should be bothered with that. The problem is when blaming becomes a habit and when people try to hunt each other’s mistakes.

So please, stop the useless meaningless destructive blame, and focus on the constructive helpful critiques.

Oh, and if this happened to you, you get a bonus

“Why haven’t you communicated with me on facebook?!!” .. “umm, because I see you everyday :S ”

KAUST… The Journey. Part 2 (Aramco Internship)

KAUST… The Journey. Part 2 (Aramco Internship)

So I graduated but KAUST is still not there…. What to do? Well KAUST offered us several exciting options like studying abroad for a year, working for some time as interns, or taking courses. I chose to get some real world technical experience by working as an intern. The big question to me was WHERE?

Based on some reasons, the most appropriate option was Saudi Aramco. I got a 6-month internship. At first, I thought it will be a boring internship because I will do nothing other than data entry or easy tasks like most interns do.

BUT, it turned out to be one of the most useful technical experiences I have ever gained. I worked in the department called EXPEC ARC which focuses heavily on research and development. My task (which I won’t bore you with its details) was basically about databases and programming using C++, and QT.

Another major thing that made this internship special was the team I worked with. It was a group of highly qualified experts who helped me a lot and were nothing but nice and friendly. When I finished, they made a small goodbye party for me with some gifts .. you don’t get that kind of team everyday you?

Lastly, it was very nice to work with the theater group in Aramco as the guy responsible for sounds in the play. We had the customized version of “Jack and the Beanstalk” and it turned out to be a great play.

It is not easy to pack everything happened in 6 months in one small post, but I here are the quick highlights of my time at ARAMCO

–          Friendly and experienced people to work with

–          Technically challenging environment (at least the one I had, no idea about other departments)

–          Good entertainment facilities

–          Great housing (I have to admit that I was spoiled by staying at ARAMCO hotel)

–          The great hot boiling humid weather   -_-

–          The good theater experience

–          And of course, most importantly.. I lost weight 😀

Overall, I am thankful for the opportunity that was given to me by KAUST and Saudi Aramco.

p.s: if you have no idea what the heck is going on here, or why I am writing this post .. please refer to this post .. it might explain something

KAUST… The Journey. Part 1

KAUST… The Journey. Part 1

People might be asking: what is KAUST? Why are you writing about your “journey”? Isn’t it just another student having master’s degree from a university?

Well first, KAUST is King Abduallah University of Science and Technology. If you want to know all the details about this school, just check the website

Now, my journey might seem like a normal one for an outsider. Nevertheless, it’s anything but normal to me.

When I was an undergraduate student at King Fahd University, I made up my mind that I will never go for masters. The only thing in my head was getting a job. Out of nowhere, I received an email from our department’s chair inviting me to check out the new yet-to-be-built university, KAUST.  I went there with absolutely no intention in enrolling in this school or any other school. It’s funny how little things can change your mind 180 degrees. I read the vision, and the dream of KAUST which planted in me the idea of joining this new entity.

I thought not once, but twice before reading the contract and after reading it, the seed in my mind grew to be a more welcomed option. Since you can never get everyone to support or discourage anything in your life, I knew that I have to make the final call. And guess what? … The guy who hated everything about grad schools, is joining KAUST.

Skeptical you say? Yes I was definitely skeptical. Maybe it’s a curse, if you like, that I am adventurous and I would love to try new things in life. I thought, hmmm, it can not get bigger than a new world-class university. And there it was, my first interaction with KAUST. I can proudly say, I am among the very first group of students who joined KAUST.

Phew, looking back in time I can only say .. man, it was a heck of a ride. We had great, in fact amazing group of people in our corner to help us, support us, and solve our problems and issues since day one. One of these people is Mrs. Iffat Saadeh who helped me in literally everything all the way.

Where do I start? My amazing and rich time at ARAMCO? My wonderful time in UK? The spectacular year and half at KAUST itself?  Or the outstanding summer time in US?

I am going to make an individual post for each one of those, and to me, the memories and moments I had during the last 2 years are truly priceless. Stay tuned!!

Around the US in Two Months – Part 1

Around the US in Two Months – Part 1

Alright, so I just made it back from the US. How was it? It was great.

As part of my degree, I was to do a summer internship during the past summer. Among options around the world, I got accepted in Texas A&M university in College Station, Texas. Now that might not be the best location to spend your summer given the hot weather there, but it was a good university to do a useful research.

After getting done with all troubles related to getting my visa, I took a flight from Jeddah to Frankfurt, and then to Houston. It was a long flight, but expected. I stayed 4 hours in Houston airport .. you know, to get my name “cleared” and to be approved to get in the United States (even I went through a lot to get the visa). I took another flight to get to the city where I am about to spend 2 months, College Station.

At first sight, it was depressing, very hot, few people on the street, few shops, flat, and quite, but then I got used to that. People are very nice and friendly though which made my stay a bit enjoyable. Now, I was thinking that College Station is just like any other modern city where you don’t need a car to get around, and by God I was mistaken. I arrived on Friday, had a quick meeting with my adviser and then I went out trying to find an adapter for my phone charger. I had to walk for two hours under the sun to get that. Why? Because I had no phone, no taxis (unless you call), and no buses (no buses after 6 or in the weekends). The next day, I woke up early to get the bus to the super market and it was not a pleasant experience at all. Even with the buses you have to walk a lot to get from one area to another, hot, sunny, and too many small plastic bags.

Anyways, I started working on a computer science research project with a nice team that helped me a lot and I learned so much from them. I met also some nice people in the department, dorm, and the rec center. I even participated in a soccer league that we didnt win 🙁 , but it was so much fun.

That’s about it as far as College Station is concerned. Did I do some traveling? Do I have more stories from other cities and states? Indeed I do. I will follow this post up with another one for all the travels I made. Thanks for reading.

TakingITGlobal (TIG) … A Personal Experience

TakingITGlobal (TIG) … A Personal Experience

Hello everyone.

Voluntary work is a very essential aspect of civilized nations. Through voluntary work societies will develop and more objectives will be achieved. I started my article with these sentences because the organization I am talking about today is all about Volunteering.

One day, I was making a small research on Nabulsi family and trying to find useful information. To be honest I can’t exactly remember how I ended up looking at Nabulsi members in this website I read about it and then my story with TakingITGlobal started.

TakingITGlobal has an interesting vision that made me considering working with them. In simple words, they try to make education accessible by everyone especially young people. The very first basic idea, as the name suggests, they were trying to take the IT globally to the whole world no matter how poor or far you are. The vision then expanded to take all different knowledge fields under its wing. It is a non-profitable organization and anyone can join and work with them. The work goes beyond just being online. TIG has a lot of volunteers all over the world who are working very hard and patiently to achieve the peaceful goal of TIG. There are teachers, programmers, designers, translators, trainers, and many other types of professionals.

My work with TIG so far is only concerned with Arabic-English and English-Arabic translation. I signed up with them after I read about the vision and achievements in the website. They have a well organized structure that’s meant to only make things work in the right way not to complicate life. I read that if you like to join, you are to send an email to the volunteer coordinator assigned for your area. Mine at that time was Mrs. Tala Nabulsi (Interesting that we have the same last name), so I sent her an email expressing my intentions to be a volunteer with TIG. She was very kind and welcoming and redirected me to the regional coordinator Mr. Maged Hassan. We had a nice chat over Skype that he explained to me translators’ roles and tasks and what they are expected to do. Maged, and all TIG members in general, was very nice and friendly and he let me choose what I prefer to do after explaining what TIG needs at that moment. I had a great honor working wish such an educated open minded friend. Following that online meeting, work was well organized with emails every month including the tasks and expected contribution to the organization. I have been translating for 3 years now more or less. I am still working with TIG, and my translated articles vary between IT, health, public awareness, cultures, and many other topics.

I advise every passionate educated person to participate and take an action for the greater good. We all want to make the world in general and our communities in specific a better place. One easy and efficient step is to join and work with TIG. As I said, what attracted me to TIG was the potential behind the main goal.

Save few minutes of your day, check and who knows, maybe you will like it and join our volunteering friendly committee. They have many interesting projects and events, not only translation. It’s a pool of great chances for us to do something good. TIG brought hope to many people around the globe. Join now and help in changing someone’s life.

For more information about the mission, vision, why to join, and other details:


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