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First Things to Say

First Things to Say

Hello everyone!! (Al salam Alykom)

Welcome to my blog. I really appreciate that you decided to spend few minutes of your life to browse my online version of my writings.

Before we start, I should say that I was not a big fan of blogging because I never really saw a usefulness of it. By time, my views started to change. Blogging is just a term that means writing and sharing your thoughts with the world (at least in my opinion). I normally write from time to time, so blogging is nothing different except that I am sharing my writing with the world (in this case the internet world). Now, instead of saving and leaving my writings inside my hard disk, I can simply post them here in this website and let others benefit from. Not that I write very useful stuff, just that sometimes you could find helpful information here and there.

I know this is not the best introduction in the world, but my point is that I started blogging because I finally understood it’s nothing new to what I do normally.

Now, let’s get down to business. In this blog I did not specify any particular topic or theme. I could be writing about technical issues (in my case, they are software and programming stuff), or I could be writing about my views on different events, things happened to me, useful news, or I can just write random feelings that come like sea waves quite often. In addition, I might write in both Arabic and English.

So relax, have a cup of tea, skim through my pages and let me know if I am good, or I am ok, or even let me know if I suck. I welcome all kinds of criticism (but don’t be rude).

Big welcome message to all of you and hope you and enjoyable pleasant day.


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