First Things to Say

First Things to Say

Hello everyone!! (Al salam Alykom)

Welcome to my blog. I really appreciate that you decided to spend few minutes of your life to browse my online version of my writings.

Before we start, I should say that I was not a big fan of blogging because I never really saw a usefulness of it. By time, my views started to change. Blogging is just a term that means writing and sharing your thoughts with the world (at least in my opinion). I normally write from time to time, so blogging is nothing different except that I am sharing my writing with the world (in this case the internet world). Now, instead of saving and leaving my writings inside my hard disk, I can simply post them here in this website and let others benefit from. Not that I write very useful stuff, just that sometimes you could find helpful information here and there.

I know this is not the best introduction in the world, but my point is that I started blogging because I finally understood it’s nothing new to what I do normally.

Now, let’s get down to business. In this blog I did not specify any particular topic or theme. I could be writing about technical issues (in my case, they are software and programming stuff), or I could be writing about my views on different events, things happened to me, useful news, or I can just write random feelings that come like sea waves quite often. In addition, I might write in both Arabic and English.

So relax, have a cup of tea, skim through my pages and let me know if I am good, or I am ok, or even let me know if I suck. I welcome all kinds of criticism (but don’t be rude).

Big welcome message to all of you and hope you and enjoyable pleasant day.


8 thoughts on “First Things to Say

  1. Welcome to the blogging world my freind
    It’s always funs to share thoughts with your friend
    It help u alot more than them, just to say the things that burdens u out loud, no matter if all the world read it or it has just been u returning to the blog from time to time reading your old self, discovering the wrong things that u used to tell.
    Hope to join u in this world
    I really want to have a blog
    but still too soon for that.
    Congratulation on your new blog, I hope it helps u and helps others. 🙂

  2. Abduallah: thank you man for the great support, and i will try my best to keep up..
    Nedhal, im the proud person here to get ur comments on my first post, it means a lot
    Waseem: thanks for the nice words and comment man, it’s never too late, hehe ..
    Muhannad: im very glad that you liked the layout and the contents, and to keep you updated, click on the little thing called to the left corner (the orange diamond) and it will send feeds with the new updates

    Heike: thank you also, for the support words, it means a lot
    Danah, yeslamo kteer, and i will keep it updated inshallah ..

  3. Good Job Mostafa!

    I wish you all the best man. You were supposed to have this blog a long time ago because you simply have the talent.
    One note that you should really keep in mind, please update it regularly, and don’t just be like other “semi-bloggers” who just post one article/month by mistake!
    As Mohannad said, your theme selection was perfect.
    Keep on Mostafa.

  4. Stafaaaa!!! -or do you prefer the other nickname? 😉

    Looking forward to reading your texts!!
    Just a suggestion: you could write bilingually for teaching your ‘students abroad’ 🙂 you’re talented!! hehe


  5. Congratulations Mustafa ! 😀
    What a nice theme ( the font and the colours ) ! I really think it is a great idea to write and make people share your thoughts and words. I hope you always share us great stuff as expected 😀
    All the best 😀
    ( Note : is there a way that you can send us e-mails whenever you update your blog? I guess this can help you and us keep in touch throught this nice blog )


    Muhannad Tahboub

  6. No way .. Steve is blogging 🙂
    Nice move .. I’ll be waiting for your posts, you’ve always been an amazing writer .. still remember your say “Smart or not, never say but ..”.
    keep it up my best friend!


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