You are Special, Yes Everyone Is

You are Special, Yes Everyone Is

How many times did you ask yourself “Who am I?”, “What makes me different than all these people around me?”, “Am I of any significance in this world?”..?

It’s absolutely normal to think of these questions. The only thing that matters is how you answered them. If your answers are “nobody, nothing, no”, then sorry to tell you that you are WRONG.

No matter how “normal” and “like-others” you think you are, that’s not true. Every single one of us has his/her own special characteristics and aspects. We can’t just think that we (or some of us) are copies of each other. All of us should look deep down inside our minds and hearts to see this little thing that makes us special. There are infinitely many options and points. As a simple exercise, think of the people around you and try to find a special thing about each one of them. It might not be easy at first, but try to remember moments and memories to see through. The only case where the above answers become true is when you ignore your special point or don’t know it.

You could be special in two ways. You could be special by having something others don’t have. Many examples could be drawn out of this. Some people are great in sports, some people learn very fast, others could cook very well because they have the taste, and some others could have a special talent with numbers and math. Talents are countless, you just need to discover what you are good at and hold on to it. The second way of being special is how important you are to the surrounding people. Unfortunately some people don’t have any family or friends, and they are few. For the rest, they have parents, siblings, sons, daughters, relatives, and friends that care about us and we mean the world to. Think of how many people would get sad when something bad happens to you and then you will understand how special you are. Look into your mother’s eyes when you leave the house for a long time and you can tell how special you are. Check your phone after having a small accident, and see how many people held their breath to know you are alright. We all go through times when we think we are no one, but when these times come, look up, find the smallest spark in your heart, think about the ones who love you, and get back to life with a smile.

You, I, He, and She, we are all special in one way or another. We are special by a talent God blessed us with, and we are special to many others. Please go and count how many people you mean everything to. I am sure you will find a lot.


4 thoughts on “You are Special, Yes Everyone Is

  1. …and some of us are special in writing and having people reflect on many important aspects of their lives…thanks Stafa for this post :)))

  2. Waseem: Thank you brother, I wish i can have a clear cut answer to that question, but i believe it should come by trying different things in life and see where you can be special .. if you have an answer, share it with us please 🙂

    Sara: yes, it’s not easy .. but what is easy in this life? 🙂 ooh, yes smiling is easy ..
    I am really glad that this post actually helped somehow, and of course you can wish a Merry Xmas, I know what you mean 🙂
    Thanks and regards…

  3. Right words at the right time. However, sometimes is not so easy to find the spark in my heart… but I keep trying, and this post helps to light the way. =)
    Can I wish you Merry Christmas?

  4. You’re 100% Mustafa! Everyone has something special inside..and also everyone is wondering how do I know it?
    I think your post answered part of that question.

    Keep on inspiring us Mustafa!

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