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Month: October 2015



When you feel so stupid that it makes you pause and stand still for few minutes.
When you realize how much of a fool you were in certain situations that you wish you never existed
When you face people who act or pretend to be nice just to win your trust, yet they plan to crush it with their actions.
It’s about caring, it’s about making sure you put yourself in someone else’s shoes, it’s about paying attention to the emotional well-being of the other person.

Maybe this is a dreamy-world, and maybe it will never happen in real life, or at least not to most people. Why can’t people just see this simple equation of giving and taking.

Life could be hell or heaven depending on who’s sharing it with you. Unfortunately, sometimes you choose the wrong company and thus you get stuck in living in hell.

The real dilemma of a nice person is whether to leave it all behind, or keep trying? and guess what, most nice people just keep trying on the expense of their own happiness.

If you know someone who is too nice and being abused in any form, give them a hand and support them to get out instead of losing their precious time with unworthy people.

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