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Month: January 2011

KAUST… The Journey. Part 1

KAUST… The Journey. Part 1

People might be asking: what is KAUST? Why are you writing about your “journey”? Isn’t it just another student having master’s degree from a university?

Well first, KAUST is King Abduallah University of Science and Technology. If you want to know all the details about this school, just check the website

Now, my journey might seem like a normal one for an outsider. Nevertheless, it’s anything but normal to me.

When I was an undergraduate student at King Fahd University, I made up my mind that I will never go for masters. The only thing in my head was getting a job. Out of nowhere, I received an email from our department’s chair inviting me to check out the new yet-to-be-built university, KAUST.  I went there with absolutely no intention in enrolling in this school or any other school. It’s funny how little things can change your mind 180 degrees. I read the vision, and the dream of KAUST which planted in me the idea of joining this new entity.

I thought not once, but twice before reading the contract and after reading it, the seed in my mind grew to be a more welcomed option. Since you can never get everyone to support or discourage anything in your life, I knew that I have to make the final call. And guess what? … The guy who hated everything about grad schools, is joining KAUST.

Skeptical you say? Yes I was definitely skeptical. Maybe it’s a curse, if you like, that I am adventurous and I would love to try new things in life. I thought, hmmm, it can not get bigger than a new world-class university. And there it was, my first interaction with KAUST. I can proudly say, I am among the very first group of students who joined KAUST.

Phew, looking back in time I can only say .. man, it was a heck of a ride. We had great, in fact amazing group of people in our corner to help us, support us, and solve our problems and issues since day one. One of these people is Mrs. Iffat Saadeh who helped me in literally everything all the way.

Where do I start? My amazing and rich time at ARAMCO? My wonderful time in UK? The spectacular year and half at KAUST itself?  Or the outstanding summer time in US?

I am going to make an individual post for each one of those, and to me, the memories and moments I had during the last 2 years are truly priceless. Stay tuned!!

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